MEDITECH Expanse Webinar Series

Thinking of migrating or already moving to MEDITECH Expanse? We've worked with many organizations on their journey to deploying Expanse− and have learned a few tips along the way. 


View our webinar mini-series with quick tips for keeping your transition to MEDITECH Expanse on track, including how to manage solutions from Forward Advantage during your migration, streamlined & secure mobile authentication, and planning for decommissioning of your legacy systems.

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Streamline Legacy Migrations

Streamline Legacy Migrations 


Learn how to manage a streamlined migration to MEDITECH Expanse. Our MEDITECH migration expert, Steve Leroux, will provide tips for converting your current MEDITECH platform, planning for legacy documents & scans, and information on migration options that can save time and money.

FAI - Streamline Legacy Migrations


Optimize and Secure MEDITECH ExpanseOptimize MEDITECH Expanse with a Secure and Convenient Mobile Strategy 

Uncover opportunities to improve workflow inefficiencies as you migrate to Expanse. Creating a strategy to support mobility and ambulatory workflows is critical to success when using a web-based EHR. Mobility expert, Josh Locher, shares some of his firsthand experiences and lessons learned, plus helpful tips in this Q&A style webinar.

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Transitioning Forward Advantage Solutions to MEDITECH Expanse

Our product expert, Kevin Frazier, covers the tips and requirements for using Communication Director and Bed Stat with MEDITECH Expanse, plus sample timelines for ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, the webinar covers upcoming additions to Communication Director, like Cloud Faxing, recommendations for streamlining your inbound & outbound faxing/report distribution workflows, and how to plan for increased faxing through Communication Director after moving to Expanse.

Webinar Recording-Transitioning  Forward  Advantage  Solutions to  MEDITECH  Expanse